Mt. Mapalad Day Hike + Kinabuan Falls ( My unforgettable Birthday Ever! )

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Mt. Mapalad is named after a plant which look like a palm “palad”. It is a newly opened trekking spot located at Barangay San Andres, Tanay, Rizal. It is 750+ meters above sea level ( MASL ) which is a minor hike and a good spot for beginners in hiking with a difficulty of 3/9. From the registration area the trek is around 2-3 hours depending upon your pacing to complete the 8 kilometers distance going to the summit.

The mountain’s landscapes will amaze you for hours of trekking and will give you boost to reach the summit. The trail begins with plain roads with some river crossings and you will also pass the Kinabuan falls which will be in your options if you want to stop over and take a quick dip during your descend. After almost an hour of walking, the path slowly switch to steeply on the ascent up the mountain. We passed wooded areas and beautiful rock formations too. After almost three hours, we finally reached the view deck area.

Finish your adventure by dipping in the refreshing waters of Kinabuan Falls after your hike. The water flowing in this falls will depend on the weather during your hike. In our experience we did not really enjoyed the falls because of the sunny weather for the past few days, but we did enjoy swimming in the flowing cold river.

If you are a beginner on hiking then I suggest to try Mt. Mapalad in Rizal which so newbie friendly hike. More mountains are being explored around Rizal which is not far from the metro and you have no excuse not to try this one. Do not worry you will never run out of energy just by overlooking the serene province bounded by the Sierra Madre mountain ranges.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to my newly met friends who made this Birthday Climb possible and a very unforgettable one. Thank you very much Kristan, Mark, Fritz, Jordan, Kwiin and Suzhi. See you next climb guys.

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How to get there:

From Aurora Blvd. Cubao ride a Jeepney / FX going to Antipolo, Cogeo ( Php 35-40 )

From Cogeo Gate 2 or Cogeo Public Market you have to ride a Jeep going to Barangay Sampaloc drop off at Brgy. San Andres ( Php 40 )

From Brgy San Andres you have to ride a tricycle going to Jump-off Area / Registration Area ( Php 120 /4 pax )

** Personal Tips = If you are traveling with 7-8 persons you may rent a whole FX for Php 1500just like what we did. This is from Cubao going directly to the drop-off point which is more convenient if you do not want any hassle transferring to another rides and this is the fastest way going there specially if you are going to chase the golden hour.

Going Back to Manila:

From Drop-off point you can ride a tricycle going Barangay Sampaloc ( Php 300 / trike good for 4 pax  )

From Brgy. Sampaloc Terminal ride a jeep going to Cogeo ( Php 35 )

From Cogeo going back to Cubao you can ride a FX / Jeep ( Php 25 )

Things to Bring: ( Mga Hugot para di boring ang pag akyat )

  • 2 to 3 Liters of Water
  • Extra Shirts
  • Packed Break fast/Lunch
  • Trail foods  (jelly ace, chocolate, nuts, etc.)
  • Flash light/Head lamp ( if you will start the hike early in the morning )
  • First aid kit ( para sa mga pusong sugatan. )
  • Sun and rain protection (sunblock, raincoat, poncho, arm sleeve ) (Yung kaya kang protektahan bes. )
  • Powerbank ( just in case ma lowbat ka at baka di kana updated sa mga ganap ni Ex. Don’t worry may signal naman dun.)
  • Camera (para may patunay ka na nka move-on kana sa kanya, post mo agad sa FB bes with hugot captions)
  • Slippers / Sandals ( yan ang susuotin mo pag pagod ka na sa kanya )
  • Garbage bag ( para sa mga feelings na nawala na )
  • Toiletries ( to wash all the pains na pinadama nya sayo)
  • Spirit sa pag akyat!! ( yan ang pinka importante para mapa mukha mo sa kanya na ikaw ay strong and independent person. )

** Personal Tips = There are nearby small store around the trail where you can have a break and take some snack or even have your meal. They even have balloons!!!! Can you believe it?

Do not also forget to bring your toiletries you will need it after enjoying the falls and small rivers. Wash areas are available at their registration area ( Php 20 )

Sample Itinerary:

0400 – ETD Cubao to Cogeo

0440 – ETA Cogeo Gate 2

0520 – ETD Antipolo Terminal Going to Batangas Junction

0620 – ETA Drop-off at Batangas Junction, take tricycle going to Brgy San Andres

0635 – ETA Brgy. San Andres/ Registration

0640 – Start Trek

0900 – Mt. Mapalad Summit/ Photo ops.

1030 – Lunch

1050 – Start Descend

1330 – Back in Registration Area/ Wash up/ Log out

1445 – Head back to Batangas Junction point

1500 – Arrival at Batangas Junction

1520 – Arrival at Terminal going to Cogeo

1600 – Arrival at Cogeo transfer going back to Cubao

1700 – Arrival at Cubao

** Personal Tips = If you want to catch the sunrise you have to leave earlier than the sample itinerary. if you are planning on climbing this mountain on weekends, expect tons of people climbing. It is not very accommodating on especially Sundays and you have to bring with you a lot of patience if you do not want some photo bombers on you IG photos.

Who to Contact:


Danny Reyes 09059218851

Ruby Reyes 09664097742

They have a 1:5 Ratio ( 1 Guide for 5 persons )

Guide fee: Php 500 for day hike / Php 1250 for overnight

Registration fee: Php 100 / person

Let’s stay connected:





Some photos are credits to Kristan, Marc, and Fritz. Follow them on IG

@kristanminion04 @reynaldbaat @iamfritzxxviii

Bega Falls and its hidden Mystery



Bega Falls is located in Barangay Mabuhay, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur. “Bega” is a local dialect means to Flirt, it came from the locals folklore about a beautiful lady who is so enchanting that seduces and lure the men from the barrio. Now it is one of the most famous tourist spot that Agusan del Sur can offer other than “Lolong” the famous alligator. They are open for whole week from 8am – 5pm only.

The drop-off point to Bega falls for those traveling on foot is the Awa Junction which in the middle of Butuan City in the North, Davao City in the South and Liangga, Surigao del Sur in the East. There is no landmark yet at the moment in the Awa junction but the nearest Public Terminal is the Patin-ay Bus Terminal if you are coming from Davao and Bayugan City Bus Terminal If you will be coming from Butuan City.

She is not who you think she is.

The only option going to Bega Falls is the Habal-habal Motorcycle which is good for 2 passengers per motorcycle. The habal-habal terminal is just at the drop-off point. Fare is Php 200 per person for a back and forth trip or Php 100 per person for a one way trip and travel time of 30 mins. The drivers are very friendly and they will wait for you the whole time, So please do not forget to leave some tips for their waiting time.

All visitors are required to register and pay Php 25 for entrance fee.

That’s me being seduce by its beauty. 


How to get there:

  • If you will be coming from Butuan City to Awa junction you may ride the public Buses going to Davao, Mangagoy or Tandag, Public Utility Van is also available. Travel time is 1 hr 40 mins to 2 hrs and fare is just cheap for only Php 90.


  • If you will be coming from Davao City to Awa Junction which is next to Patin-ay Bus Terminal you may ride Public Van and Buses going to Butuan City. Fare is Php 320 quiet expensive for budget travelers with Travel time of +/- 5hrs, but if you will be coming from Patin-ay Bus Terminal which just 20 mins away and the fare is only Php 20.


  • There is no Public Transportation available going directly to Awa junction using the access road to Prosperidad if you will be coming from Liangga, Surigao del Sur. You may contact some private vehicles if you want to take the access road for 40 mins – 1 hr travel time. Another way to go to the falls from Liangga is via public transportation going to Butuan City.


Click the link to watch our adventure going to Bega Falls.


Price: 8/10  The price is so cheap for those travelers just around Mindanao, but for those travelers outside Mindanao just do not forget to include the Bega Falls in your itinerary when you are planning to visit Agusan soon. You can bring your own food inside so its also a good thing for budget travelers. I advise to bring a lot of water because of a more than a half an hour trek.

Place: 9/10  The place is so magical, I almost thought that the local folklore is maybe true but the only thing that will seduce you is the sound of the flowing water and it’s crystal clear water, if its not raining. ( umulan nung pumunta kami bes, but nothing can stop us!! Wag kami…) I just want to advice to bring some extra clothing because you will not get wet only by the water but also with sweat while trekking going to the falls, good thing is that most of the steps are already cemented.

Personnels: 9/10 The locals from the habal-habal drivers, security guys to Ate tindera all of them are so welcoming. They are all friendly, so please do not forget to leave some tips when you leave the place.

If you are planning visit Bega Falls soon you may contact Ma’am Noradel Martinez, the Municipal Tourism Officer of Prosperidad through her mobile number 09993089403 for your assistance and inquiries.


Please do not forget to follow me on my social medias for more travel updates:

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Instagram : @officialshawnky

twitter : @officialshawnky






  • From CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY take the shuttle going to Agora Terminal Php 199 then ride a Bus/SUV bound to Balingoan Terminal Php 150. Travel time 2.5-3hrs
  • From BUTUAN CITY ride a Bus/SUV going to Cagayan de Oro City Php 215 and drop off at Balingoan Terminal. Travel time 1.5-2hrs
  • From Balingoan Terminal you may ride a tricycle Php 10 going to Balingoan Pier. (Pwede din nman lakarin bes pag natitipid ka, halos 10 mins. walk lang naman. WAG MAHIHIYANG MAGTANONG!!!)
  • Board a ferry going to Benoni Pier, ferry rates Php 130- 170, terminal fee Php 15. Travel time is 1.5-2hrs

Ferry Schedules :

Balingoan Pier – hourly from 5:30am to 4:30pm

Benoni Port – hourly from 4:30am to 6:00pm

  • From Benoni Port there will be tour guides that will accommodate you and offer their tour rates. (depende yan kung ilan kayo bes, sulit yan sa mga walang dalang car. Php 1700 for 6-8 persons good for 8hrs ang binayaran namin. Yung driver is also your tour guide pero kayo parin ang magdedecide kung saan nyo gusto pumunta.)
  • Bahala na kayo pabalik bes. Joke. Just go back to Benoni Pier same price rates parin. Drop off in Balingoan pier and walk or ride tricycle going to Balingoan Terminal.


GIANT CLAM SANCTUARY (Opens 7:30am-5:00pm)

Entrance Fee : Php 25 (includes Area Tour w/ Clams Lab, Information Education Campaign)

Php 10 Educational Tour/Student

Php 150 (Clams Viewing w/ Guide)

Diving Gears Fee : (pag trip mo namang mag snorkling bes kasama ang mga clams)

Php 100 Mask and Snorkel

Php 100 Flippers

Php 50 Goggles

Php 50 Life Vest




Entrance Fee : Php 30 Regular

Php 15 Below 10 yrs old

Php 24 Senior Citizen

Cottage Fee : Php 75 (additional Php 30 after 3 hrs)

Tables and Chairs : Php 50 (additional Php 20 after 3 hrs)

You can buy foods inside the resort if you decide to have your lunch here and its very delicious home cooked foods, of course its affordable. (pwede din naman mag overnight kayo dito mga bes.)




NO ENTRANCE FEE(yes mga bes walang bayad ito kaya isama nyo na sa IT nyo.)

But be extra cautious if you decide to take the risk in going close to the falls because of its strong current. (YOLO mga bes.)


BURA SODA SWIMMING POOL (Open till 5-6pm only. Close every Wednesday)

(doesn’t taste like soda believe me mga bes, I tasted it!)

Entrance Fee : Php 20 for adults above 12 yrs old

Php 12 for children

Cottage Fee : Php 50




NO ENTRANCE FEE din mga bes. (depende na sa inyo kung may puso pa kayong mag donate. JOKE! Bili nalang kayo ng kandila sa labas ng simbahan, tulong na din sa mga locals dun bes.)



NO ENTRANCE FEE for viewing,(pero kung gusto nyo mag snorkling pwede din. Php 20 for boat ride going to the cross, Php 50 for snorkling fee. Snorkling gears can also be rented. You can buy souvenirs from there.



Entrance Fee : Php 10 per person

If you still have energy for hiking mga bes try this walkway to the peak of the old volcano while following the 14 stations of the cross (8 kilometers to reach the peak, so don’t forget to bring water to stay hydrated ) Worth it naman daw pag dating sa peak hanggang station 3 lang kasi kami, di kinaya ni modrabels, sorry na Lord.


We had a stop over at this point for a photo op. Enjoying the view of the coast.



Service Boat Fee : Php 500 (good for 6 pax. Balikan na yun mga bes)

Php 20 visitors fee

Life jackets and snorkeling gears are also available for rent.



Php 3000 for 1 night good for 6 persons. Sulit na yun bes sa ganda at ang cozy nang place perfect for a family getaways. They have swimming pool and leisure area like table tennis and billiards for free exclusive for the guest of the resort only. They also have restaurant and a bar inside. For room rates and more info you may check the details below:

Contact: +63 (88) 3879008 or +63 9177152285, or visit






Photography is just like any other skills were there are individuals who excel at it naturally and have a fantastic eye. Most people develop their photographic skill by taking hundreds and thousands of photographs. So here are some base on experience tips and practices that may help you to improve your skill in photography.

  1. Be open-minded, Do not limit the power of your imagination.

Creating a great photo does not only rely into basic principles and rules of photography. Some photographers like to push themselves to discover more about photography like breaking its rules to expand their imagination to create a fresh to the eyes image. Although sticking into the rules and principles of photography is a safe technique but if you want to standout in a massive numbers of photographers nowadays you have to be unique.

This are some of example of breaking the rules in photography. Do not be afraid to expand your imagination just like this. I put my subject in the center of the image to against the rule of third.

DSC_0006 DSC_0048 for page cover

DSC_0275 DSC_0022

  1. Know your intention when taking a photo.

Some of the co-artist and audiences may not merely look at your photo. They will also look at what is behind the image to interpret it. That is why before taking a photo you have to take some time to think of what are you trying to show and make sure that the message of the image is concise in order not to confuse the audiences because your intention will going to dictate what and how will your output become.

my intention with this photo is to show the man at the back which is the father of the child in the foreground.
  1. Challenge yourself every day.

If you have a goal to achieve, you have to strive for it by preparing yourself for the day to day challenges. Challenges make you stronger and failure makes you better so do not be afraid of the challenges. Take the step to go out of your comfort zone because in photography you will not going to learn if you will not going to practice and execute on what have you learn and just rely on your knowledge that you learn from books or online tutorials. Practice may not make you perfect but it will help you to be fully-equipped and ready to face the challenges that may occur without any notice.

  1. If you are tired of shooting low, try shooting on what is above you.

Different angles would give a different perspective to your subject that will make you unique and leave a mark to your audiences. There are two angles that you can use to improve your photo: High Angle is use when you have a multiple elements in your frame while the Low Angle is use when you have a dominant foreground that will interest the viewers.

I hope this will not confuse you. I just want to show you what is the difference between shooting lower and higher angle.
This is an example of higher angle. Try to differentiate it from the first image.


  1. Make use of your surroundings.

Everything in your surroundings can be a subject. It only needs a few modifications to improve your shot. Start with picking a common subject as an example then take a normal shot of the subject. Now intentionally underexpose and overexpose the image. Shoot it from top and bottom. The stronger the connection between your subject and its environment, the stronger the message and the image is more appealing to the eyes.

DSC_0013 DSC_0007 (2) DSC_0010

  1. Try to look in a different view.

Same view all the time makes the audience bored, so try shooting a different view from time to time. There are three types of view that may help you: The Dog’s View is a shooting strategy which is lower than the human’s eye level that usually a photographer is viewing the subject in a squat position or lying in the ground to capture just like the dog’s perspective view to the subject. The Eye’s view which is the usual standing and the camera in human eye level position while shooting the subject, and The Bird’s View is when shooting higher than the human’s eye level which the photographer is sitting or in standing position.

An example of Dog’s View. I took the shot while I was lying on the ground.
An example of an Eye level view. The subject may look higher than me because he is in an elevated stage.
An example of the Bird’s eye view. This shot is taken when I am standing in a tree.
This photo may not be in the three kinds of view but this is what I am talking about different views.


DSC_0182  DSC_0255-2

  1. If you are bored shooting ordinary view every day, make it extra ordinary sometimes.

Whenever you experience unusual event in your daily routine, try to capture that moment. Most of the stunning photos are those unexpected ones. This will help you cement your expertise and expand your visual vocabulary.

When I was riding a train and accidentally step in the women’s section. It feels awkward but i tried to take my camera and shot it. This may not be extraordinary shot but this is unusual for me.
  1. Never stop learning.

Photography is a lifetime process, every day we learn new things. Never be contented on what you learn from books, magazines or in online tutorials sometimes you have to learn and discover it from yourself. Just remember that with time and repeated photographs, you should be able to see improvement.