Bega Falls and its hidden Mystery



Bega Falls is located in Barangay Mabuhay, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur. “Bega” is a local dialect means to Flirt, it came from the locals folklore about a beautiful lady who is so enchanting that seduces and lure the men from the barrio. Now it is one of the most famous tourist spot that Agusan del Sur can offer other than “Lolong” the famous alligator. They are open for whole week from 8am – 5pm only.

The drop-off point to Bega falls for those traveling on foot is the Awa Junction which in the middle of Butuan City in the North, Davao City in the South and Liangga, Surigao del Sur in the East. There is no landmark yet at the moment in the Awa junction but the nearest Public Terminal is the Patin-ay Bus Terminal if you are coming from Davao and Bayugan City Bus Terminal If you will be coming from Butuan City.

She is not who you think she is.

The only option going to Bega Falls is the Habal-habal Motorcycle which is good for 2 passengers per motorcycle. The habal-habal terminal is just at the drop-off point. Fare is Php 200 per person for a back and forth trip or Php 100 per person for a one way trip and travel time of 30 mins. The drivers are very friendly and they will wait for you the whole time, So please do not forget to leave some tips for their waiting time.

All visitors are required to register and pay Php 25 for entrance fee.

That’s me being seduce by its beauty. 


How to get there:

  • If you will be coming from Butuan City to Awa junction you may ride the public Buses going to Davao, Mangagoy or Tandag, Public Utility Van is also available. Travel time is 1 hr 40 mins to 2 hrs and fare is just cheap for only Php 90.


  • If you will be coming from Davao City to Awa Junction which is next to Patin-ay Bus Terminal you may ride Public Van and Buses going to Butuan City. Fare is Php 320 quiet expensive for budget travelers with Travel time of +/- 5hrs, but if you will be coming from Patin-ay Bus Terminal which just 20 mins away and the fare is only Php 20.


  • There is no Public Transportation available going directly to Awa junction using the access road to Prosperidad if you will be coming from Liangga, Surigao del Sur. You may contact some private vehicles if you want to take the access road for 40 mins – 1 hr travel time. Another way to go to the falls from Liangga is via public transportation going to Butuan City.


Click the link to watch our adventure going to Bega Falls.


Price: 8/10  The price is so cheap for those travelers just around Mindanao, but for those travelers outside Mindanao just do not forget to include the Bega Falls in your itinerary when you are planning to visit Agusan soon. You can bring your own food inside so its also a good thing for budget travelers. I advise to bring a lot of water because of a more than a half an hour trek.

Place: 9/10  The place is so magical, I almost thought that the local folklore is maybe true but the only thing that will seduce you is the sound of the flowing water and it’s crystal clear water, if its not raining. ( umulan nung pumunta kami bes, but nothing can stop us!! Wag kami…) I just want to advice to bring some extra clothing because you will not get wet only by the water but also with sweat while trekking going to the falls, good thing is that most of the steps are already cemented.

Personnels: 9/10 The locals from the habal-habal drivers, security guys to Ate tindera all of them are so welcoming. They are all friendly, so please do not forget to leave some tips when you leave the place.

If you are planning visit Bega Falls soon you may contact Ma’am Noradel Martinez, the Municipal Tourism Officer of Prosperidad through her mobile number 09993089403 for your assistance and inquiries.


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Camiguin: Island of Holiness


Experience a different kind of way to reflect this Lenten Season through this must-visit place in Camiguin Island, The Walkway to the Old Volcano and Station of the Cross. Its an 8 kilometers hike to reach the peak of the Mount Vulcan also called as The Old Volcano while following the 14 human-sized Stations of the Cross. This famous tourist spot specially during holy week is situated at Barangay Bonbon, Town of Catarman, Camiguin Island.

In every year specially on Holy Thursday and Good Friday all the local devotees of Camiguin and together with the tourist observes the annual festival called “Panaad” or Promise in English. This annual holy activity is serves as an expression of their repentance, penitence and cleansing their souls as they walk the 8 kilometers path to reach the peak and enjoy the scenic view of the Old Volcano.

Travel Notes and Tips:

-This place has an environmental fee of Php 10 per person above 12 years old ( latest rates during our visit, not sure when its Lenten Season )

-Do not forget to bring water to stay hydrated if your are planning to reach the peak.

-There will be a lot of locals and tourist during Lenten Season for sure as it is the pilgrimage site to Roman Catholic devotees.

-Souvenir shops are just across the street.


For more info and photos of the places that we visited during our trip in Camiguin Island, Click the link below:

The Greenery Bulacan, It’s greener in here.

The Greenery Bulacan (Opens 8am-6pm Everyday) is located at #80 San Juan St. Rio Vista Subdivision, Sabang, Baliuag, Bulacan. It is a perfect place to release stress, to stay away from the noise and pollution of the metro and you can spend your summer with your family here. This place is also popular for lovely couples for their pre-nup pictorials and wedding venues. (don’t worry bes pwede din naman kayo mag team building dito. You will never be alone.LOL)





How to get there:

  • The best way for a commuter to get there is by taking a bus from Baliwag Transit Bus Station in Cubao going to Baliwag for Php 75, the last stop of the bus is same drop off point. Travel time 1-1.5 hrs (Pwede din naman ibang bus company mga bes, basta make sure going to baliwag ang pupuntahan nyo. Pwede kayong bumaba sa SM Baliwag bes. Same price lang din)
  • Ride a tricycle for Php 20-30 from the bus terminal going to Rio Vista Subdivision in Sabang. (may mga sign board naman bes kaya di kayo mawawala, di tulad nang ex mo.)
  • (Vice versa lang pag pauwi bes.)


They also offer the following:

Day Tour Packages

-Php 1200/pax inlcudes lunch, snacks, use of their infinity pools with a very cozy cottages. (sulit na yan bes promise!)

They also have a fine dining restaurant, a mini bar and souvenir shop inside The Pavilion. The food here is great!

Wedding Venues

Team Building

Pre-Nuptial Pictorials


Water Sports (Kayaking and Jetski)


For more info and inquiries about the above offers you may contact them at

Tel Number: +044 766 6325

Telefax: +044 766 6326

Sun Mobile: +0922 827 5122


For Hotel/Accommodation Reservation:

Sun Mobile: +63922-8275124





Travel Notes, Tips and My 3P’s ratings (Price, Place, Personnel):

– Reservation is a must. You may contact them ahead of time. Contact details above.

– Bring a lot of water (uuhawin ka sa kakalakad bes)

– For side trips: Visit the Mt. Carmel Church (walking distance from The Greenery)

San Agustin Church (near at the bus terminal)

– Much better if you arrive there as early as you can.(para mas masulit nyo ito mga bes). The sunset here is also amazing.

– Do not forget to buy the famous Chicaron of Bulacan.

Price : 7/10 For me it is quite expensive for a traveler under tight budget. (Pero kung afford mo naman ito bes, promise worth it naman ang bayad at magiging memorable eto na eperience yung makalimutan mo ang ang mga sakit nang nakaraan bes. CHERET!.)

Place : 8/10 The Pools are well maintained and Comfort Rooms are clean. The food in this place is very delicious home cooked food served with love. It defines what comfort food is and the good thing is that you can choose where you would like to eat. (pwede ka doon sa kanilang Floating Gazebo or sa taas ng Light house bes, kung gusto mo talagang mapag-isa.) Over-all it is a family-friendly place and I am sure that the picturesque view is perfect for your family photo album.

Personnel : 9/10 They are all accommodating, from the front desk to Ate’s who deliver our food safely. They are very friendly to all the guests and they will make sure that their guests will go home with a full smile in their faces.


For Updated Room reservation:

Single Detach Villa : 4400/night for 1-2 pax Room type is either Two double twin bed/ 1 king size bed/ 1 single bed

Grand Villa : 23,000/night for 8-10 pax Room type is a villa with *5 rooms

*room 1 : one twin bed, sleeps 2

*room 2 : one twin bed, sleeps 2

*room 3 : one twin bed, sleeps 2

*room 4 : one twin bed, sleeps 2

*room 5 : two single beds, sleeps 2

*Villa includes a receiving area


Guidelines for Villa Reservation:

  1. Reservation can be scheduled at least 3 days in advance or longer. Booking can be made thru phone, call, e-mail or text or a representative
  2. Reservation fee is Php 2000 per room, non-refundable, non-transferable but deductible in total amount.
  3. Reservation fee can be deposited via bank transfer. A copy of deposit slip should be emailed or faxed to The Greenery for verification.
  4. Walk-in reservation is also welcome but it does not guarantee a spot. Calling and advising in advance is preferred.
  5. Full payment is cash basis only.
  6. Bringing of food and beverages are not allowed. Our mini bar is available for short order. Advance order for meals can also be arranged.

On the day of accommodation:

  1. Upon arrival at The Greenery, client shall proceed to the front desk to settle transaction, orientation and room assignment.
  2. Front desk will register the guest upon presentation of guest’s ID. Front desk will issue a room assignment, explain the do’s and don’ts and will endorse the room upon check-in. Upon check-out, front desk will issue clearance for guest. The clearance from is to be submitted after check-out and to be given to the gate upon leaving the premise.
  3. Be reminded that any lost or damage items/articles will be charged back to the client.
  4. Please ensure your valuables at all times, in the event of any lost items/articles. The Greenery is not to be held accountable.



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Makati City a Victim of Kindness

Philippines is blessed of many things to be treasure, one of it is the weather that most equatorial countries experienced. Each weather conditions has its own advantages and disadvantages that most people may prefer it or not. In urban areas farmers and other agricultural constituent part may take their opportunities to harvest their planted crops during sunny days and wait for another rain to fall to water their newly planted seeds while in rural areas such as Makati City it would be a great disaster to those people working in any establishments. A few drops of rain would create a big mess that would ruin all government and public workers not only in Makati but also in some rural places.

Commuting to a floating Styrofoam is one way of traveling going to your place in Makati during rainy days and the fare is kind of expensive, it triples the ordinary fare of any public vehicles but if you are lucky to have an inflated lifeboat then you are save. If you do not want to spend some money or you do not have an inflated lifeboat then you have no choice but to walk in the 3-4 feet of waste water that contains all kind of waste from bio degradable, non-biodegradable and including animals and human wastes.

for page cover

This is just one of the day to day problem of all people living in this place and it should be address to all the concern persons to establish a solution, because everyone is affected to this kind of circumstances. It needs an action to be done as fast as they can to minimize its great effects.

This kindness that is spared to us should also be treasured, it maybe a tragic or not it is still a blessings. We may consider it as a problem but we all know that we are just being tested and every problem there is always a solution, you just have to think and act for it.

enhanced 2
students are struggling in the flood going to their houses.
enhancd 1
students grabbing tightly their school paraphernalia to save from getting wet.
enhnaced 4
the other means of transportation during floods in these areas.
enhnaced 3
pumping the inflatable boat to transfer safely their employees.


Travelling internationally or domestically sounds fantastically amazing and extremely fun, but sometimes before you inhale the fresh wind in the beach you have to surpass the struggles in any terminal first. This fray is not only limited to rest in the floor instead of the bench because of unavailability of the seats, queuing for baggage inspections, removing of some personal items when passing x-ray machines and specially waiting for a very long period of time for your next flight. These are just some of the battles that you need to deal with when you are travelling. In these very busy world no one would like to waste any seconds of their time doing nothing. So instead of waiting for the next flight you may enjoy to roam around the vicinity, talk to other people or just switch on your camera and start taking pictures, you may never know that maybe the odds will be on your side and you can capture good images. These are some of my photos when boredom strikes while waiting for my next flight.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Discovering the Unseen Magnificence of Quiapo: The Unforgettable Experience

I set my phone to alarm at exactly 4:00 in the morning because I will meet my friends at exactly 5:00 am to attend the photo walk at Quiapo, Manila. Suddenly, I did not notice any vibration or noise that would wake me up because of being drunk last night with my friends celebrating his farewell party. So when I saw the sunlight that stricken in my window makes my whole nerves startled, it jolted my whole body to wake up and my hand was like crawling its own to look for my phone. I was shocked when I opened my phone and saw the time and it is already 5:00 in the morning. I was planning to cancel it, but I do not want to miss the opportunity and what would my friends think of about me. I bolted to stood up, went to the bathroom and do the 2 minutes shower. With my reddish and sleepy eyes I arrived at the meeting place 20 minutes late.

Quiapo, Manila is 9 kilometers far from Makati City and 18 minutes travel within current traffic. We rode a jeepney to Taft Avenue and transfer to another jeepney going to Quiapo. We arrived in the place earlier that we thought because it is still early in Saturday morning and the traffic is not yet heavy.

When we set our foot at the tinted cement in front of the famous Quiapo Church, the journey as a street photographer begun. Luckily, even without enough sleep, I manage to capture the beauty of Quiapo. I hope you will like it guys.

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Intramuros: Filled with Beauty and History

A day to spend in a place where everything started, is a place where you need to have a good memory and sight in order to recollect the things that you do not want to forget, specially a historic area like Intramuros or “Walled City” in Spanish. It is settled at the mouth and on the south bank of the Pasig River, Manila. The Walled City highlighted many striking examples of late 16th– and 17th– century Spanish architecture and landmarks which over the centuries remain standing despite of many calamities that visited the country.

Some of the Intramuros’s oldest buildings is the San Agustin Church, The Manila Cathedral that has been rebuilt several times as a result of earthquakes, it is the most significant Roman Catholic building in the Philippines and it also include the most famous Fort Santiago, at the mouth of the Pasig River, which houses a shrine to the Filipino patriot Jose Rizal, who was taken from the Fort for his execution.

The side of the Great Manila Cathedral

Most of the old city was destroyed during the World War II, but the gates, walls, and small plazas that characterize the area have since been restored. But time has challenged these wall so often in the past that it is highly surprising Intramuros still stands today. Intramuros’s walls filled in and has been used as a golf course, some part of the plaza was open to the public for family bonding were tour guides introducing the history in every corners to the foreigners and the most famous Philippine’s “kalisa” is crossing the streets of the Intramuros.

Wandering the Intramuros while riding the Kalisa


Rediscovering the history of your own country is such a big achievement that most people in this generation would feel. The beauty and the historical values that lies in our own homeland which is molded by our forefathers is a place we should be proud to share to the world.

Biking around the walls is fun and good for stretching our body
The remnants of some old buildings